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This Artist Is Giving Sweet Temporary Tattoos To Kids For An Awesome Reason

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Benjamin Lloyd is a well-known artist in New Zealand. His medium of choice is the airbrush. From intricate detailing on cars… To huge murals of his hometown, Lloyd can do it all. But recently, he’s been getting recognized all around the world…he wants to start tattooing children. Don’t worry, though, the ink is all natural […]


‘Mitch McConnell is a terrorist’: Could Bernie Sanders please ask his supporters to join him in dialing it down?

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It’s fantastic news that Rep. Steve Scalise finally is out of the ICU and has been upgraded to fair condition, but it looks like the one “teachable moment” that could have come from the attack that gravely injured him has passed. The evening after he was shot, both Democrats and Republicans (attn: CNN) took to […]