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These Breathtaking Photos Show The Power Of Simplicity. #12 Is Strangely Haunting.

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Hungarian photographer Adrienn Balaskó is a producer of amazing minimalist photography. Her work focuses on single elements surrounded by wide open skies and far reaching landscapes. Occasionally she flips and manipulates her photos as a way of reinterpreting the scene. The result is almost surreal. We’ve compiled 15 photos from her latest series as well […]


Bam! Carpenter sums up difference between O-care supporters, opponents!/amandacarpenter/status/400586935053217793 Bingo. Remember, it has already been resolved that the silly old Tea Party rubes knew it and the Smarter Than You elitists fell for the lies.!/amandacarpenter/status/400586711505190912 Double bingo. The always awesome Amanda Carpenter, senior communications adviser to Sen. Cruz,  then brought it all home with this win:!/amandacarpenter/status/400593526007664641 Boom.!/katesdaddy3/status/400593751338266624 Heh. And we don’t […]


This Nurse Is Being Hailed A Hero After Saving A Pregnant Woman On His Way To Work

Most of us would agree that nurses are heroes, but this guy took things to a new level after saving a pregnant woman on his way to work. Keith Ezell had just begun his daily commute when he was confronted with a shocking scene. A young, pregnant mother had been injured in a car accident […]