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You Won’t Be Able To Wrap Your Mind Around These Crazy Large Things.

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I’m a sucker for the world’s kookiest and largest objects. I’ll drive out of my way to see the world’s biggest frying pan, or the largest ball of string. You can only imagine that these 25 crazy large things will shoot to the top of my bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to see the world’s […]


Would You Be Brave Enough To Venture Across This Bridge? Not me. Nope, Nope.

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In Russia, life is generally more intense than anywhere else on the planet. So, it makes sense that the scariest pedestrian bridge in the world be there.  Welcome to the Skybridge! It doesn’t look terrifying, until you look down. Daily Mail The bridge extends one kilometer above the forests of the Krasnaya Polyana valley in south-westen Russian, near […]