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‘Who’s the sellout?’ War of words after Jason Whitlock slams Shaun King, #BlackLivesMatter

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“Angry” is one way to put it … Shaun King is pissed. And we mean pissed. Just about as pissed as it gets. Why? Because sports writer Jason Whitlock not only shamed the spectacle of #BlackLivesMatter, but because he singled out King as a particularly pernicious force for discord: Whitlock writes: Its not a coincidence […]


‘More white Christian terrorism?’ Tweeters profile perp in reported Planned Parenthood shooting

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As Twitchy told you, there are reports of an active shooter at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood (note: updates here). Details are still emerging, but many tweeters aren’t hesitating to place blame: Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets. Update: This appears to be yet another lesson in not jumping to conclusions. […]