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Whales Have A Little Known Secret… And It’s Absolutely Amazing. Check This Out.

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Whales are majestic, mysterious creatures that populate the Earth’s seas and oceans. Most people know that whales are the largest mammals on earth (with the blue whale quite possibly being the largest animal on earth). It’s also commonly known that they sing to each other, they nurse their young with milk and they are insulated with thick layers […]


This Is What It’s Like When A Whale Watch Gets A Little Too Real…That Was Close

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Whales are some of the most majestic and often gentle creatures in the ocean. That’s why going on a tour to spot them can be such an amazing experience. However, if you get too close to them, things can get pretty harrowing…and fast. Take what happened to these kayakers in British Columbia, Canada. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]