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This Is The Part Of Disney You Don’t Often See. And It’s Even Better Than The Movies.

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In a world like this, we need to gain inspiration from somewhere. Thankfully, there are thousands of places to get it: movies, books, religion, friends… the list goes on and on. But today, I want to show you why Walt Disney could be the key to all things happiness. Here are 16 of his quotes, […]


Disney’s Paris Haunted House Just Got Creepier When A Body Was Found Inside

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At one point in Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion attraction, the “Ghost Host” proclaims that the estate is the home of “999 happy haunts,” and that “there’s room for a thousand.” Well, it seems the creepy host just got his wish, as the dead body of a Disney employee was recently found in the Disneyland Paris […]


24 Epic Disney Secrets That No One Knew…Until Now. You Gotta Check This Out.

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Because the animators spend an inordinate amount of time on each frame of each Disney film, they’re inevitably going to get bored. One way they alleviate this feeling of boredom is to insert little jokes and references into other Disney movies. That way, they’re both enhancing the experience and making the movie more fun for themselves. Here are some […]