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Her Friend Got An Ultrasound — Wait Until You See What’s Watching Over The Baby

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Seeing the very first ultrasound of your unborn baby is supposed to be a profound moment. After all, it’s your first look at the child that is about to change your life. But imagine if you saw something in the photo that made you shudder with fear — something that even sent the Internet into […]


Watch These Pakistani Girls Put A Desi Flair On Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

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Punjab’s got talent. 1. Facebook user Umar Hayat‘s video of two girls singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the streets of Pakistan has gone viral. Facebook Post. Facebook: video.php Hayat’s description notes that the video was taken “somewhere” in Punjab, Pakistan. The video was uploaded three days ago and has over 1.5 million views and 68,000 […]