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Even If You’re Not A Nerd, You’ll Love These Awesome Products. I Need Them!

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Guess what? Everyone who absolutely hated high school because it was a non-stop stream of embarrassment and torture can actually relax. Being “nerdy” is cool now. The very same things that showing an interest in back when you were a teenager would have given you a table for one inside of a bully’s locker are now […]


What This Couple Did With This Once Ordinary Room is Just Awesome. Just Watch!

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When Reddit user and big-time gamer tarlske first got married, she and her husband had dreams of turning their basement space into a game room. But due to lack of funds they couldn’t quite make the cool space they had imagined until 5 years later. Then, it became the coolest, most Reddit approved room ever shown on the Internet. Let’s […]


Actress Holly Marie Combs condemns video games

, , , ,!/H_Combs/status/471026976233639936 If that were true, mass shootings wouldn’t even be news anymore given that the “Call of Duty” series alone has sold about 100 million copies and has tens of millions of people playing online. Video games are EVERYWHERE. Sure, parents ought to be more discerning in what they let their kids play, but if games […]


What Does Your Favorite Video Game Console Say About You?

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The winner is you, basically. View this image › Thinkstock Thinkstock Microsoft / Via XBOX 360 Yoshikazu Tsuno / Via Getty PS2 Sony / Via PS3 Yoshikazu Tsuno / Via Getty Wii Nintendo / Via Nintendo DS Nintendo / Via Original Gameboy Nintendo / Via Gamecube Nintendo / Via […]