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Vice President Biden’s expressions amuse during Obamacare victory lap

, , , ,!/TheFix/status/451093012261924864 President Obama was front and center in the White House Rose Garden Tuesday afternoon to crow about the alleged 7.1 million Obamacare sign-ups, but for others, the many faces of Joe Biden were the real attraction.!/mandielaurin/status/451093355230154752!/zach_hanczar27/status/451093487816290304!/Mankitten_21_92/status/451094608856879104!/sherrybaby526/status/451096257508167680 Essence of B.S. mixed with the odor of burning trousers, perhaps?!/JustinCSnow/status/451095365883019264 Show’s over, […]


Democrats agree (mostly): #ActOnClimate or children will die

, , , , , ,!/vickmichele/status/473457276020199425 President “Under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” Obama announced his new “Clean Power Plant Standards” today, complete with graphics featuring faceless “Julia” type characters. The Democrats began a full court press under the #ActOnClimate hashtag but for the most part they’re steering clear of climate alarmism because voters don’t really care about it. Instead […]