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He Connected A Vacuum To A Water Bottle With Peanuts In It And Something Epic Happened

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Call me picky, but I hate when peanuts have their peels still on. The crackly covering gets stuck in my teeth like popcorn kernel coatings and it’s basically the worst thing ever. But the man behind Imaginative Guy’s YouTube channel has solved this annoyance for good. Watch the step-by-step guide and never worry about the […]


This Is How You Can Easily Remove Old Popcorn Ceiling From Any Room (Without Making A Mess)

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At one point, popcorn ceiling was pretty popular. Many people liked the bright, white appearance of the stucco. From the 1950s until the 1980s, countless houses had the easy ceiling treatment. However, as time passes, tastes and fads change…and after a while, the popcorn ceiling became outdated. Removing it is fairly easy. If you spray […]


Today I Learned Some Animals Really Like Vacuums. Maybe a Bit Too Much.

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Nothing competes with getting a massage. The relaxation, inner peace, and the “Ahhhhh” moment make it totally worthwhile. Bliss is only a $130 90 minute deep tissue session away. That’s why it should be no small wonder that our furry friends enjoy them just as much as we do. But with one special exception: It has to “suck!” 1.) […]