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‘He’s absolutely lost it’! Delusional Harry Reid links stalled Ukraine legislation to Koch Brothers

, , , ,!/RBPundit/status/444154915100065792 Nope. Sadly, it’s all too real. Harry Reid plummeted to a new low with his creepy Koch obsession today:!/ArletteSaenz/status/444146665768120320 Say wut?!/alexis_levinson/status/444146315447259136 That’s “on message”? Good. Lord.!/scottlincicome/status/444147937493254144 From The Hill: Reid tied the billionaire brothers who have bankrolled conservative causes to GOP demands that language delaying the Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of […]


Kasparov: ‘Obama should read the Declaration of Independence every bedtime’

, , , , , ,!/Kasparov63/status/437320642719780865 Chess champion and Human Rights Foundation chair Garry Kasparov has been harshly critical of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, and today he’s grateful for President Obama’s lack of intervention in Ukraine.!/Kasparov63/status/437322835569016832!/Kasparov63/status/437323578061516800 Ouch. We did say “harshly critical.”!/Kasparov63/status/437325566190968832!/Kasparov63/status/437338542126010368 Secretary of State John Kerry doesn’t escape criticism either.!/Kasparov63/status/437339667604582400


Obama and Putin have 6th phone call since start of Ukraine crisis

, , , , , , ,!/NoahWehrman/status/455851917940629504 President Obama and Vladimir Putin had another phone call today in regards to the situation in Ukraine. CBS News’ Mark Knoller has the details:!/markknoller/status/455851512275935232!/markknoller/status/455851999905710080!/markknoller/status/455853392624369664 Obama and Putin have spoken by phone a reported half dozen times since the start of the Ukraine crisis:!/markknoller/status/455853830992044034 With that out of the way…!/GlennCarswell/status/455852614966460416 […]


Charles Krauthammer: President Obama has abandoned Ukraine

, , , , , , , , ,!/ZekeJMiller/status/507579585949876224 Late for meetings and too late to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons?!/krauthammer/status/507704797034991616 The reaction is mixed:!/GallantSkeptic/status/507710187541512192!/scottfrench62/status/507708293805264897!/mdcrawfish/status/507871367891800064!/profLind/status/507707392792854529 The NATO summit has concluded and we’ll hear more from the president shortly.!/markknoller/status/507863321551179776 Related: Cease-fire reached in Ukraine; President Obama still reading about it Move over, hashtags! Samantha Power forwards Russia simplified map […]


Unidentified gunmen take control of airport in Crimea’s capital [photos]

, , , , , ,!/jamesmatesitv/status/439317004311597056 Tensions are escalating in Ukraine after armed men who may or may not be Russian took control of Simferopol International Airport in Crimea:!/WTOP/status/439283668415029249!/nycjim/status/439345012393140224!/stopnarcotics/status/439323465426817025!/jamesmatesitv/status/439302659561226240!/NewsBreaker/status/439301357007548416!/EuromaidanPR/status/439325847171108864 Yesterday, pro-Russian gunmen took over Crimea’s parliament and hoisted the Russian flag. Ukraine is now accusing Russia of “armed invasion.”


‘Sneering’ Salon writer seems annoyed that Sarah Palin might have insight on Ukraine

, , , ,!/FigDrewton/status/440611406791323648 It’s almost as if being a condescending douchebag is a prerequisite for employment over there. This afternoon, Sarah Palin tweeted about an upcoming appearance on “Hannity”:!/SarahPalinUSA/status/440611026069749760 Palin, if you’ll recall, predicted back in 2008 that Putin might target Ukraine. Since then, she’s been proven right, of course. But that seems to be more […]


President trolls GOP candidates over standing up to Russians

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While fundraising in New York Monday night, President Obama decided to try out some new material provided by his writers in the mainstream media. While GOP candidates try to work out alternatives to avoid another debacle like the CNBC debate, the president joked that if the candidates can’t handle a panel of moderators, they won’t […]


The Strange, Isolated Life Of A Tuberculosis Patient In The 21st Century

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While volunteering for the Peace Corps in Ukraine in 2010, I contracted a severe version of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Two years of painful, isolating treatment taught me the vital role social media may play in finally eradicating this disease. One of the loneliest nights of my life was when I masturbated for an Australian stranger on […]


Crimea votes to secede; Obama reiterates committment to diplomatic resolution

, , , , ,!/Matthops82/status/445320361107009536 As expected, the vote in Crimea went overwhelmingly in favor of secession. The vote in Crimea over whether to join Russia wasn't even close, as in 95% in favor not close – — CBS News (@CBSNews) March 16, 2014 During a phone call at the request of the White House, President Obama told […]


Pro-Russian gunmen take over Crimea’s parliament, raise Russian flag [pics]

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I'm concerned about developments in #Crimea. I urge #Russia not to take any action that can escalate tension or create misunderstanding — AndersFogh Rasmussen (@AndersFoghR) February 27, 2014 He’s the Secretary General of NATO, and he’s not the only one who’s concerned. Early Thursday reports from the Crimea region of Ukraine described an attack on the […]