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NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez takes the high road after Gawker scumbag gets nasty

, , ,!/DecentFilms/status/426725040847994880 Ain’t that the truth. Gawker editor John Cook, who’s already proven himself to be quite adept at being a douchebag, can now add “professional misogynist” to his CV. After learning that NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez was following him on Twitter, he reacted like the gentleman he is:!/johnjcook/status/426585670220787712 Class-say.!/MZHemingway/status/426586871482036224!/kerpen/status/426732918518468608!/fbeckwith/status/426735924160888833!/AG_Conservative/status/426593016732602368 That’s not […]


Parents Speak The Hilarious Truth About Dealing With Kids On Thanksgiving

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After a long day of slaving over a stove and nearly burning the bird, parents look forward to finally getting a chance to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their Thanksgiving labor. Unfortunately, as most parents have learned by now, dealing with children on Thanksgiving could leave anyone feeling a little less than thankful. […]


ALERT BOB MUELLER? Political press investigating @RealDonaldTrump’s use of threaded tweets


Count on the political press to make coverage of President Donald Trump’s tweets even stupider. Check out all the blue-check real journos amazed that the president threaded two tweets together on Sunday: The most surprising thing about this tweet is that Trump put "mike" in quotes. Also, he threaded it with his earlier tweet. […]


Trump duped into RTing serial killer photo; The replies are hilarious [photos]

, , ,!/Otto_English/status/516560092607836160 Winning Twitter is often bandied about willy-nilly. But in this case, it is true. Take a look at this tweet sent to the buffoon known as Donald Trump: Hi @realDonaldTrump. My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration.Can you pls RT for their memory? — Philip Bradbury (@feckhead) September 29, […]


‘EPIC fail’: Hawke and Co gives clinic on how not to treat customers

, , ,!/hawkeandco/status/523826282174615553 “Feisty?” That’s probably not the right word for it. Hawke & Co., an online clothing retailer “apparently” hires the worst social media people ever and they’re learning about it the hard way. Whoever was handling the company’s Twitter feed last night mocked a complaining customer for his number of followers. After the incident went viral @hawkeandco tweeted “some […]


Is President Trump breaking the law by blocking followers on Twitter?

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President Trump certainly has spawned a nationwide discussion of the role of the president on social media, to the point where Valerie Plame Wilson has set up a GoFundMe campaign to buy a controlling interest in Twitter just to kick him off. But is it legal for President Trump to block people on Twitter? Matthew […]


Buzz Aldrin wants help getting next president to commit to Mars mission

, ,!/TheRealBuzz/status/526821267388002305 Apollo XI and Gemini 12 astronaut and Korean War fighter pilot Buzz Aldrin hosted an #AskBuzz event at Twitter headquarters today. What most people seemed to want to know was where to get one of those cool “Total Recall” inspired “Get your ass to Mars” T-shirts that Aldrin was sporting. (Just FYI, they’re available at […]


Magnitude-5.1 L.A.-area earthquake a boon for Twitter photographers … and comedians

, , , , ,!/ArianaGrande/status/449767209795977216 Yep, Southern California had “another eaAaaarrrthquake” late last night. There have been no fatalities or major injuries reported as yet, and hopefully that won’t change in the morning.  There were, however, lots of photos of quake damage posted to Twitter:!/llamalife/status/449857789217628162!/Ursgautham/status/449851936561299456!/twerkinluke/status/449845684057812992!/RickSforza/status/449776631528189954!/Nicky_Fagnano/status/449856201614843904 Then there were photos of “devastation” posted by jokers such as these:!/laura_nelson/status/449768012636119040!/mattnotis/status/449845741138096128


Fresno State cooperating with feds in probe of lecturer who tweeted that ‘Trump must hang’

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As Twitchy reported, alecturer at Fresno State recently found himself an Internet celebrity after tweets he posted back in February, calling for the hanging of President Trump and the execution of two Republicans for each immigrant deported under his “terror regime,” surfaced. It turns out that even on college campuses in 2017, free speech is […]


‘Tone deaf’: Deputy chair of Minn. GOP politicizes Robin Williams’ death

, , , , , , ,!/PatKessler/status/499012903572615168 How soon is too soon to politicize the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams? Tonight was definitely not the night, a lesson apparently not learned by Republican Party of Minnesota deputy chair Chris Fields. Bluestem Prairie explains how Williams’ death led to a political Twitter war between Fields and Ellen C. Anderson, social media director of the Minnesota […]