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Daily Beast Reporter deletes tweet supporting rioters and looters

, , , , , ,!/Olivianuzzi/status/498636258630176768 The riots in Ferguson, Missouri sparked by the police shooting of Michael Brown have dominated social media tonight. Police are claiming Michael Brown was shot after a violent confrontation, while citizens are saying otherwise. An initially peaceful protest descended into rioting and looting. Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi posted this tweet at 11:39 PM, […]


Flap over? SpaghettiOs apologizes, deletes Pearl Harbor remembrance tweet

, , ,!/SpaghettiOs/status/409359879359725568 Well. We certainly didn’t expect to spend the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor writing about SpaghettiOs. But as Twitchy reported, SpaghettiOs’ remembrance tweet featuring the company’s grinning mascot inspired a flood of criticism, as well as backlash against the backlash. Here’s the tweet that caused the stir.!/SpaghettiOs/status/409162874184298496 Is the flap […]


Smart take! Actor James Morrison an early frontrunner for stupidest tweet of 2014

, , ,!/JayCaruso/status/418782231981596673 Oh, this we’ve gotta see:!/JamesPMorrison/status/418780475121864704 And to think … we once rooted for Bill Buchanan.!/conkc2/status/418783006581477377 Seriously. Do we have an early front-runner for stupidest tweet of the year?!/michelelfrost/status/418784654133837824!/EEElverhoy/status/418785676721545217 And what is it with liberals’ continued insistence that Jesus would want Obamacare?!/NolteNC/status/418783118112219137 Yeah, guess we missed that bit, too. Oh […]


Jezebel editor faux-pologizes for Scott Walker death wish; Adam Baldwin shreds

, , , , ,!/morninggloria/status/407007630641868800 Oh well. Just a dumb joke and all. As Twitchy reported, Jezebel editor Erin Gloria Ryan’s first thought upon hearing the tragic news of actor Paul Walker’s death was “why couldn’t it be Scott Walker.”!/morninggloria/status/406984650503245824 Just a “dumb joke.” And totally the fault of conservatives. For not “getting” the joke.!/morninggloria/status/406989318784548864 Appalling. She […]


‘Oh racists, look at you’: Bloomberg Politics yanks tweet after outcry [pic]

, , , , ,!/nbj914/status/524334156571213824 Well, maybe not quite the end … but this definitely isn’t Bloomberg Politics’ best day. If you give the news site the benefit of the doubt, they were only trying to link to a weekend story about White House chef Sam Kass. But it was the accompanying photo juxtaposition that made many tweeters take notice: […]


PATHETIC: What’s up with this lying, ludicrous self-quote, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

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Well, distortions and lies ARE Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s specialties and all. What sparked that particular reply? This absurd tweet from Debbie Wasserman Schultz wherein she quotes HERSELF. No, for real: Bless her heart times a thousand. Twitter users swiftly mocked the foolish Wasserman Schultz. Yep. Let’s focus on lady smarts, Debbie, not lady parts. Self-awareness […]


How long was the gov’t shut down? Poorly worded WaPo tweet causes confusion

, ,!/garetcarlson/status/412410366484701184 Either the government shutdown lasted a lot longer than we remember, or the Washington Post’s Twitter person left a word or two out of this tweet:!/washingtonpost/status/412410165804429312 Well, that would be one way to save a lot of money. The tweet caused a little confusion:!/bendreyfuss/status/412410251850178560!/amk44139/status/412410623201275905 If that WaPo tweet were factual, the […]


The 32 Best/Worst Brand Tweets About “The Dress”

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Welcome to the brandwagon. By now you’re probably aware of #TheDress and how it broke the internet and destroyed relationships worldwide, but now even brands are jumping on the bandwagon: 1. BJ’s tried to refocus on what’s important in life: Who cares if #TheDress is White & Gold or Black & Blue? This #pizookie is […]


15 Random Celebrities From The 2000s You’ve Already Forgotten About

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Be honest, when was the last time you even thought about Ryan Cabrera? 1. Justin “Bobby” Brescia View this image › MTV / Via Biggest claim to fame: Aside from being a prolific philosopher, he also happened to date Audrina on The Hills. Where is he now? In 2013 Brescia opened a hair salon […]