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There’s A Treehouse In Japan That’s Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale. I Would Totally Live In This Thing.

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This spectacular fairy-tale treehouse located in Hokuto, Japan is every kid’s dream…actually it’s every adult’s dream too. Surrounded by a bevy of beautiful purple and pink cherry blossom trees, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a tea. For the little treehouse serves as a teahouse, build specially to sit in and enjoy the […]


This Hotel Lets You Get Away From It All In Beautiful Tree Houses

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Want to get out into the peacefulness of nature without sleeping in a tent? Want to stay in a beautiful hotel, but would rather avoid the stress of a city? Thanks to this stunning getaway, now you can. Hotel Robins Nest, located in a forest in Hesse, Germany, is a serene little place where you […]


What Started Out As An Ordinary Tree Ended With An Epic Creation. I’m So Jealous.

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This Reddit user isn’t a professional. He isn’t a contractor. He is just a simple man who had a simple task: to build a treehouse. He was helping out a friend in wine country who wanted to add a treehouse to their property (probably just to make it even more insanely beautiful). So, after arming himself with hours […]