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Here Are The Most Cursed Movies In Hollywood. Cue Tragedy!

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Being in the movie business can be a little high stakes gambling at times. So many Directors are quick to call their movies ‘cursed’ because even after millions of dollars and several years of time being poured into it, most movies never make it to the theater due to poor testing or disagreements with the […]


This Dog Could Have Died Thanks To One Man’s Carelessness

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One Chinese dog owner and his friend are in hot water after a shocking video of someone dragging his chained dog behind a van made its way to social media. The friend claimed to have borrowed the car from the pet’s owner, but was completely unaware that the dog had been chained to the back. […]


Be Careful Around Fresh Bodies Of Water This Summer…They Could Kill You

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When we think of perishing in a body of water, most of us probably imagine that it’s the ocean that kills us, and why not? It is a large, dangerous place full of horrible creatures beyond our worst nightmares. With that in mind, it makes sense to prefer swimming in a lake over the deep […]