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Dianne Feinstein answer questions about impeachment and Russia to protesters

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Javier Panzar a reporter for the LA Times caught on video these interactions between Senator Dianne Feinstein and protesters/activists outside an LA fundraiser: Protesters from various groups including Indivisible r demanding a town hall outside @SenFeinstein fundraiser in LA — Javier Panzar (@jpanzar) March 17, 2017 // Here are the first couple of […]


Flashback: Hillary’s ‘inner circle’ stripping classification marks?

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As Twitchy reported earlier today, the latest batchof State Department emails due for release Thursdaybut dumped in the wee hours of the night included one clearly showing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (“H”) instructing a staffer tostrip theidentifying header from a document and send it “nonsecure.” This, of course, is something Clinton’s camp denies ever […]