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#Whiteness: UMUC prof lauds Touré’s callous ‘power of whiteness’ tweet

, , , ,!/hope_and_chains/status/469986669069086720 MSNBC host Touré earned himself a deserved Twitter drubbing this week when he attributed the success of a Holocaust survivor to “the power of whiteness.” It’s academic that someone from higher education would agree with Touré’s assessment, and Donald Earl Collins of the University of Maryland University College stepped up to fill the role, […]


Touré defends ‘white ally’ Colbert against racism accusations [video]

, ,!/FirstTeamTommy/status/453261120154116096 MSNBC’s Touré used the word “racist” and “racism” quite a bit in a monologue today, but this time he was defending a person against the allegation instead of throwing it at somebody. Touré, who can find a racist around any corner for almost any reason as long as that person subscribes to the “wrong” […]