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The Adorably Hilarious Children’s Guide To Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

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Remember when you’d try to help your parents in the kitchen when the holidays rolled around? Cooking looked like even more fun when we were little! We just wanted in on it! Also, we could score sneaky bites of the food while our parents were working, which was a plus. Thanksgiving was always the best. […]


Parents Speak The Hilarious Truth About Dealing With Kids On Thanksgiving

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After a long day of slaving over a stove and nearly burning the bird, parents look forward to finally getting a chance to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their Thanksgiving labor. Unfortunately, as most parents have learned by now, dealing with children on Thanksgiving could leave anyone feeling a little less than thankful. […]


Shoppers gone wild: Fights at Walmart, Best Buy and malls [photos, video]

, , , , , ,!/peacelovez/status/406283620064571392 And … they’re off! Black Friday got off to an early start. Mix long lines, hangovers, holiday tension, discounted electronics, and what does that spell? Like Taylor Swift warbled: Trouble, trouble, trouble.!/nataliasv_/status/406290398722551808!/beautybysiena/status/406278908644827136!/mtracey/status/406287881976557569!/MattHaze/status/406288253466468352!/blaynesmiles/status/406212628906647552 It’s not just at Walmart.!/Will_Braley/status/406231821773332480!/TreBornALegend/status/406292138251415552!/masonkauffeld6/status/406242234955091968!/stacysouthardd/status/406291827751268352 More people who didn’t take a chill pill […]


Thanks, Obama! Here’s what happened when O-care came up on Thanksgiving

, , , , , ,!/taylorlroth/status/406209675504275456 Did OFA-approved Obamacare talking points put in an appearance at your Thanksgiving dinner? How ’bout Al Sharpton’s “turkey tips” or the DNC’s “cool” O-care propaganda? For some families, Obamacare at the holiday table was a recipe for disaster. New Thanksgiving tradition: Screaming arguments. Thanks, Obama.!/LexieWright12/status/406221371727806464!/DavidN1027/status/406185256446738432!/jmj1961/status/406166595329720320!/RandiCourter/status/406256151831928832!/summerdobrev/status/406258186874671104!/becccerzz/status/406220411404181505 But Obamacare chatter […]


‘POTUS is trolling #Thanksgiving’: In weekly address, Obama likens Syrian refugees to Mayflower pilgrims

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The White House released President Obama’s weekly address this morning, and he used Thanksgiving as an opportunity to continue to call for the U.S. to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees: Undoubtedly the Democrats will ask their followers to lecture their “unclw” about this at the dinner table: This Thanksgiving, President Obama is calling for […]


Don’t forget to give thanks to our troops on Thanksgiving [photos]

, , ,!/GageKunk18/status/405841606793654272 When being thankful for all the blessings God has given you this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give a few words of gratitude for those who protect our freedoms, and often can’t come home for the holidays because of it.!/jackieeponce/status/405965619251523584!/TadlockKyle/status/405950274243555328!/TXRangersBabe89/status/405940330664833024!/artilleryanon/status/405907851094552576!/Pedlar7/status/404915857635033088!/Kitty2mic/status/405889369363345408!/BlackIrishI/status/405777861769830401 Officially Thanksgiving in Afghanistan. When being thankful, please […]


Michael Moore blasts retailers that are open for business on Thanksgiving

, , ,!/MMFlint/status/405934175607214080 Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for a Thanksgiving Day boycott on chain stores that are open for business today. He’s not the only one who is unhappy:!/WhitneySandefur/status/406001249570414592!/STR8_KILLER/status/405990677928230912!/AuzzieBakes/status/405984491216175104!/Sabreenabee/status/405958373905948673!/_saraellen/status/405912710816497664!/jbiedrzycki45/status/405896580320223233!/kristinpuhl/status/405990220610285568!/Aaengelhart/status/405842789218271232 On the other hand, not everyone who has to work today is upset about it:!/tatumchambers/status/405904650316283904!/__Beeyouteeful/status/406000459191562240!/ktowngamblr/status/405999879219998721 […]