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AP: Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse wins Senate nomination

, , , , ,!/SCF/status/466397116433436672 The Associated Press has called the Nebraska primary for Midland University president Ben Sasse. A Tea Party favorite, Sasse had the backing of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin, who called him “the sharpest, most energetic and prepared candidate in this extremely important race.”!/AHMalcolm/status/466400445691617280!/mjselker/status/466399580041805826!/WakeUp2Politics/status/466397981487665152 Be still my heart! […]


‘Come and join me’: Has Ted Cruz found a sure way to get Obama to the border?

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I LOVE TED CRUZ Cruz invites Obama to the border To play golf! — Yippyskippy (@urokiamok) August 31, 2014 That’s right. Sen. Cruz seems to think the only sure way of getting Obama to the southern border in the near future is to promise some time spent on the links.!/igorbobic/status/505799660280090624!/SebastianEPayne/status/505799400543617024!/MonicaBoyer2303/status/505800242277920768 Here’s more from Cruz: […]


‘Pompous fool’: Guess what John Kerry says has ‘shocked’ world leaders (hint: not terrorist attacks)

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After hundreds of innocent people are murdered by Islamists, [email protected] says "world leaders" embarrassed by GOP candidates reactions. — The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) March 28, 2016 // We can always count on John Kerry to stay focused on the real problems in the world, as he demonstrated yesterday: Kerry: World leaders "shocked" by rhetoric of […]


What Ted Cruz just said to Laura Ingraham about GOP ‘leadership’ will make you fist pump!

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So, some people are loving how Senator Ted Cruz just nutshelled the problem with Republican “leadership.” The senator was a guest on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today. And then this happened: Bam. Double bam! Yep. The craven need not apply. Can you hear us now, GOP? This is the power of new media: We can […]


Ted Cruz gives Iowa victory speech; ‘To God be the glory’

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After a very short concession speech by Donald Trump, it was winner Ted Cruz’s turn to declare victory and thanks his staff and supporters. Helped to victory by evangelicals, Cruz didn’t hesitate to interject God into his speech from the very beginning and all the way throughout. While Trump gave one of the shortest speeches […]


‘Well played!’ Ted Cruz slays with ‘affordable’ O-care snark-truth [pic]

, , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/418732345949446144 Indeed he is! Sen. Ted Cruz started off 2014 in style with this tweet:!/SenTedCruz/status/418730615077232641 The senator has used that picture to make a point before, but it never gets old. He has been retweeted almost 600 times and counting. Of course, some whiners are calling for a waaahmbulance:!/thegarance/status/418733105495564288 Seriously? Come on. Most […]