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This Soldier’s Dog Was Missing, But When They Were Reunited? Prepare For Tears

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U.S. Army Sergeant Dahlberg and her family were dealt a heartbreaking blow when their beloved dog, Ginger, went missing. Weeks after the lovable pup had run away from home, Dahlberg lost all hope that her pup would return. After checking local animal rescues in a last-ditch effort to find her, however, the veteran made an […]


‘Straw men shortage’? Tears of a clown prince: So, what REALLY makes Obama cry?

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Then color us heartless, because we’re not about to let this opportunityslide by. As we told you, President Obama turned on the waterworks todayfor his mendacious presser on ending gun violence. Becauseapparently crocodile tears make the lies go down a little more smoothly. Now, after seven years of watching this guy perform for the cameras, […]


I Built A Goddamn Professional-Grade Blanket Fort And You Can Too

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I’m not lonely; I’m solitary with style. View this image › Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed I’m a barely functional adult who struggles to leave the house most of the time. My flat is my cave, where I hide from responsibilities and bad dates alike. As a broke writer, my flat is also tiny. I have […]


After address on terror, POTUS teared up to ‘Natural Woman’

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As Twitchy reported,members of the media swooned as President Obama wiped away tears todayas he recalled the massacre at Sandy Hook during his unveiling of executive actions intended to curb gun violence. His tears brought some viewers to tears themselves, but they also inspired those who were sobered by his power grab to create the#ObamaCriesAbout […]