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Incorrect promises? Flashback: Obama admin ‘refused to let Detroit go bankrupt’

, , , ,!/lachlan/status/407926869523443712 Well, this is awkward. This morning, Judge Steven Rhodes ruled that Detroit is insolvent and eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. The news prompted tweeter John Ekdahl to take a stroll down Memory Lane, where he dug up these Team Obama gems from 2012:!/stefcutter/status/241369108518690816!/BarackObama/status/257179307888218112!/WhiteHouse/status/257138948231540736 Gotta love all those incorrect promises. *** Related: Flashback: Eric […]


Sarah Palin challenges ‘bunch of wusses’ at Washington Post

, , , , , ,!/SarahPalinUSA/status/493502871980498944 Sarah Palin has made her case for the impeachment of President Obama, and today she blasted the Washington Post for failing to focus on digging up the truth behind what this administration dismisses as “phony scandals.” Palin reminded the WaPo about their Watergate reporting as a comparison: To reclaim your credibility (and the mainstream […]


‘Oh please’: People not impressed with Obama’s latest vanity pic

, ,!/stevemlutz/status/480793706837323777 Team Obama never misses an opportunity to tweet a picture of dear leader. In this one he is struggling to look interested in what a middle class family has to say.!/windoughshopper/status/480792872334004225!/Barty1985/status/480810268520230912!/tiberias84/status/480796141240344576!/back_ttys/status/480799502170083328 Heh.