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AP: Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse wins Senate nomination

, , , , ,!/SCF/status/466397116433436672 The Associated Press has called the Nebraska primary for Midland University president Ben Sasse. A Tea Party favorite, Sasse had the backing of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin, who called him “the sharpest, most energetic and prepared candidate in this extremely important race.”!/AHMalcolm/status/466400445691617280!/mjselker/status/466399580041805826!/WakeUp2Politics/status/466397981487665152 Be still my heart! […]


30 tweets bashing the Tea Party during the SOTU speech

, , , , , , ,!/Royce__Jr/status/428344424763228160 It wouldn’t be a real State of the Union address without the haters coming out to racebait and deride conservatives and the Tea Party. Here are some of the nicest ones we could find. (Caution, liberal language ahead!)!/MzDivah67/status/428356734634041344!/SilerSays/status/428372579712131073!/ChrisDalzell1/status/428384231232774146!/Docbrown11/status/428368412411052033!/I_surg/status/428349519995342848!/JamesJ690/status/428369128106127360 My response to the #tcot GOP/teaparty RWNJ response to the […]


Cher ‘not happy’ with Obama; Explains Tea Party to follower

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Out of their BASIC HUMAN RUGHTS ! PPL DESERVE RESPECT Food a Decent Jobs & Food ! Tbag dont Seem To care — Cher (@cher) March 13, 2014 As Twitchy reported, Cher went off on another rant against the “T-bags” Thursday night. Less politically astute followers might have been confused by her use of the […]


‘Why are you so full of crap?’ Progress TX tool drags Tea Party into smear against Abbott

, , ,!/lizbuddie/status/524346029005471746 Earlier today, the Wendy Davis campaign attempted to pain Greg Abbott as an enemy of interracial marriage — despite the fact that Abbott is married to a Latina. Well, Progress Texas deputy director Phillip Martin apparently decided that Team Wendy’s smear effort didn’t go far enough, so he graciously cast a wider net: Greg Abbott […]


New tone! This Debbie Wasserman Schultz flashback video is enraging

, , , , , , , ,!/SoquelCreek/status/507305901444046848 Yep. As Twitchy reported, the vile Debbie Wasserman Schultz diminished domestic violence with her disgraceful rhetoric suggesting that Gov. Scott Walker beats women. But wait a tick … didn’t Little Miss Debbie denounce hateful rhetoric (while blaming the Tea Party for the Tucson shooting, natch)? Oh yes, she did! Remember this?!/RBPundit/status/157156285501030401!/guypbenson/status/157165321562759168 Bingo. […]