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Congress reaches budget deal to avoid shutdown scenario

, , , , , , , , ,!/nancycordes/status/410546808935288832 Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray held a joint press conference Tuesday evening to announce a two-year Congressional budget deal that would not raise taxes and would reduce the deficit by $23 billion. Compromise was the name of the game, according to both Ryan and Murray.!/ShannonBream/status/410548295552229377!/ShannonBream/status/410548669042421760!/ShannonBream/status/410549158849019904!/EmilyMiller/status/410551441125036033!/michellemalkin/status/410548869781413888 ABC News’ […]


Harry Reid’s answer to crappy jobs report? More unemployment insurance!

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RT @SenatorReid: Our policies have devastated the economy, so Republicans must stop opposing our policies! — L (@OrwellForks) January 10, 2014 That fake retweet is Harry Reid in a nutshell. After today’s sucky jobs report came out, Reid had the nerve to say this: Today's report shows why Republicans must join with Democrats to […]