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25 Insanely Beautiful Places Around The World That You’d Rather Be Exploring

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It’s December, which means another year has almost come to completion…so, what have you done with your last 365 days? If you’ve spent them behind a desk instead of on a beach or exploring rain forests, you’re not alone. Traveling is a luxury not all of us can afford — but we can all definitely […]


The Pollution In China Is Getting So Bad That Cities Are Turning Pink…Literally

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It’s no secret that China has a big pollution problem. However, far from getting better, all signs point to the fact that China’s pollution problem is actually getting worse. And it’s not just major cities like Shanghai and Beijing that are bearing the brunt of this pollution crisis. Every major city in China is having […]


Auckland Had A Stunning Sunset And Almost Shut Down Instagram

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No filter necessary for this multicolour evening. 1. Last night, there was an absolute stunner of a sunset in Auckland. 2. It lit up the city, making everything look amazing. 3. More amazing than usual, that is. 4. And, of course, everyone took to social media to share their stunning snaps. […]