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Touré defends ‘white ally’ Colbert against racism accusations [video]

, ,!/FirstTeamTommy/status/453261120154116096 MSNBC’s Touré used the word “racist” and “racism” quite a bit in a monologue today, but this time he was defending a person against the allegation instead of throwing it at somebody. Touré, who can find a racist around any corner for almost any reason as long as that person subscribes to the “wrong” […]


FCC won’t pursue action against Stephen Colbert for Trump-Putin ‘c*ck holster’ joke

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Can't blame the average person for not knowing the FCC's arbitrary indecency standards. But this Colbert thing is a non-story. Here's why 1/ — Dylan McLemore (@voiceofD) May 6, 2017 // Reports earlier this month that the FCC had launched an “investigation” into Stephen Colbert over his crude “c*ck holster” joke about Donald Trump and […]


Howard Kurtz continues feud with ‘bloviator’ Stephen Colbert over Ferguson

, , , , , ,!/HowardKurtz/status/506055871244152832 It all started last week when “The Colbert Report’s” Stephen Colbert took a shot at Fox News host Howard Kurtz over a column he wrote for Fox regarding the protests in Ferguson, Mo. As Newsbusters reports, Colbert introduced a clip from Fox joking, “What we do know is the shooting of an unarmed young […]