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Greg Gutfeld proposes a State of the Union drinking game [video]

, ,!/Hardline_Stance/status/427925205256642560 Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ “The Five” has come up with a fun way to sit through tomorrow’s State of the Union address; that is, if you don’t pass out drunk within the first 15 minutes.!/brianstelter/status/427928085556514817 Who’s in, folks?!/JenineHaggerty/status/427925115221729280!/KamaainaInOC/status/427925464834113536!/Hardline_Stance/status/427925974626222080 Let us be clear: As funny as it is, we can’t […]


30 tweets bashing the Tea Party during the SOTU speech

, , , , , , ,!/Royce__Jr/status/428344424763228160 It wouldn’t be a real State of the Union address without the haters coming out to racebait and deride conservatives and the Tea Party. Here are some of the nicest ones we could find. (Caution, liberal language ahead!)!/MzDivah67/status/428356734634041344!/SilerSays/status/428372579712131073!/ChrisDalzell1/status/428384231232774146!/Docbrown11/status/428368412411052033!/I_surg/status/428349519995342848!/JamesJ690/status/428369128106127360 My response to the #tcot GOP/teaparty RWNJ response to the […]