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Mother Passes Out In Front Of Child Due To Drug Overdose While Out Shopping

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In New Hampshire, security footage in a Dollar General recently captured a mom overdosing in front of her two-year-old daughter. As the footage shows, the pair were shopping in the toy aisle when 36-year-old Mandy McGowan collapsed. Confused, her toddler began to cry and pull on her arm in an attempt to rouse her. Authorities […]


Shoppers gone wild: Fights at Walmart, Best Buy and malls [photos, video]

, , , , , ,!/peacelovez/status/406283620064571392 And … they’re off! Black Friday got off to an early start. Mix long lines, hangovers, holiday tension, discounted electronics, and what does that spell? Like Taylor Swift warbled: Trouble, trouble, trouble.!/nataliasv_/status/406290398722551808!/beautybysiena/status/406278908644827136!/mtracey/status/406287881976557569!/MattHaze/status/406288253466468352!/blaynesmiles/status/406212628906647552 It’s not just at Walmart.!/Will_Braley/status/406231821773332480!/TreBornALegend/status/406292138251415552!/masonkauffeld6/status/406242234955091968!/stacysouthardd/status/406291827751268352 More people who didn’t take a chill pill […]


Get Supermarket Savvy And Save Money With These 15 Shopping Tips.

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Supermarkets and grocery stores provide the sustenance we need, but don’t be fooled. They’re also out to make a buck (or a hundred). A lot of them will try anything to trick you into buying more than you need. (Or even worse, paying more for less than what you need.) Don’t worry, thought, we’ve got your back. […]


Macy’s Is Making Its Own Version Of T.J. Maxx And Nordstrom Rack

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The “off-price” channel, home of discounted designer goods, is the place to be in retail. Macy’s plans to pilot a new off-price chain as well as expand its Bloomingdale’s outlet locations. Macy’s Facebook Facebook: Macys TJ Maxx Facebook Facebook: tjmaxx   The success of T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom Rack is pulling Macy’s into the off-price […]