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‘Way to punch down’! Sarah Silverman’s ‘sex change’ video ticks off trans tweeters

,!/ReignOfApril/status/519917451799457793 Feminism strikes again! I got a sex change to avoid the wage gap: — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) October 8, 2014 Silverman thinks “society owes working women nearly $30 trillion” because sexist wage gap and stuff. So she’s joined forces with the National Women’s Law Center for a campaign to “crowdfund the wage gap.” […]


Airline to follow up Sarah Silverman’s report of ‘sick’ flight attendant

, ,!/BenJamminAsh/status/524953823228743680 Comedian Sarah Silverman made an audio recording of a “sick” flight attendant with what sounds like a bad case of laryngitis: The flight attendant on my AA flight was so sick I recorded it. #ebola-dee-da — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) October 22, 2014 Having nothing else to worry about these days, the airline […]


28 Things That Every Single Vitamix Owner Knows To Be True

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Is it worth it? Hell yeah it is! 1. Unboxing your Vitamix was a day that will always be remembered. 2. But remembering where you put that instruction manual? Forget about it! View this image › BBC / Via 3. When you first started using your Vitamix, you were hella cautious and chopped […]