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Artists for Bernie raise campaign funds at Laugh Factory

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Comedians includingSarah Silverman, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, and Jeff Garlin are performing tonight at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood to raise funds for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Sandershimself is campaigning in Iowa and will miss out on some of today’s finest Democrat-approved humor told in his honor. He’ll also likely miss several vagina and anus […]


‘Way to punch down’! Sarah Silverman’s ‘sex change’ video ticks off trans tweeters

,!/ReignOfApril/status/519917451799457793 Feminism strikes again! I got a sex change to avoid the wage gap: — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) October 8, 2014 Silverman thinks “society owes working women nearly $30 trillion” because sexist wage gap and stuff. So she’s joined forces with the National Women’s Law Center for a campaign to “crowdfund the wage gap.” […]


Airline to follow up Sarah Silverman’s report of ‘sick’ flight attendant

, ,!/BenJamminAsh/status/524953823228743680 Comedian Sarah Silverman made an audio recording of a “sick” flight attendant with what sounds like a bad case of laryngitis: The flight attendant on my AA flight was so sick I recorded it. #ebola-dee-da — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) October 22, 2014 Having nothing else to worry about these days, the airline […]


28 Things That Every Single Vitamix Owner Knows To Be True

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Is it worth it? Hell yeah it is! 1. Unboxing your Vitamix was a day that will always be remembered. 2. But remembering where you put that instruction manual? Forget about it! View this image › BBC / Via 3. When you first started using your Vitamix, you were hella cautious and chopped […]