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Sandra Fluke wants tax breaks for Big Entertainment

, ,!/SandraFluke/status/505128102952194048 Okay the liberal hypocrisy here is obvious and blatant. Where are the cries of “corporate welfare?”!/MJ_Collinz/status/505129175716741120 It’s “investment.”!/GPollowitz/status/505128830181593088 INVESTMENT!!/Trent_Hill/status/505128272980492288!/Trent_Hill/status/505136774541475841!/DougHall20/status/505129662872186882 We were with you up until “entertainmental.”!/DougHall20/status/505143463562588160!/ReFlex76/status/505148865889050625 Liberals have a hard time telling the difference between “less” and “none at all.”!/EdB4572/status/505159866554793984 Heh.    


Surprise! Sandra Fluke still whining about Hobby Lobby

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@SandraFluke Copulation is our number one priority.. — Warden4572 (@EdB4572) September 3, 2014 It is really sad that the American experiment has devolved into people whining about having to pay for stuff with their own money.  Even worse, we now have candidates and politicians who make it their raison d’être to force one group of people […]