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Hateful hypocrisy: Progs slam ‘thoughts and prayers’ except when it’s convenient

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As Twitchy told you, progs are having a lot of fun dismissing conservatives’ “thoughts and prayers” tweets in the wake of today’s deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino. Here are just a few choice samples: HuffPo’s Sam Stein also joined in: Oh? Geez. Stein really can’t stand the idea of people praying for victims, can […]


‘My sides!’: Sam Stein’s question about IRS vindication triggers BS detectors

, , ,!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/481872070159388672!/JohnEkdahl/status/481871772636020736 Recently the IRS claimed to have “lost” the emails of Lois Lerner and others due to an alleged crashed hard drive. As Twitchy reported earlier, the EPA now also claims to have lost emails due to a crashed hard drive. What. A. Coincidence. Many in the media can always be counted on to […]


Of all for HuffPost editor to be ‘weirded out by Trump’ about, this should NOT be it

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I'm weirded out by your Tweet! — Cheryl (@sherrilynn0420) June 15, 2017 // Since yesterday’s shooting at a practice congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, Donald Trump has sent out two tweets about GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, who was among those injured: Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a true friend and patriot, was badly injured […]