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Hillary Clinton’s Kwanzaa greeting is another idea for the reject pile –

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The President and first lady issued a Kwanzaa greeting today, noting that the seven principles of Kwanzaa “are also shared values that bind us as Americans.” Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton also tweeted her own Kwanzaa greeting, even changing her avatar to look like aKinara. Maybe Clinton’s Kwanzaa wish came just a bit too soon after […]


GOP’s Rosa Parks tribute inspires #RacismEndedWhen hashtag

, , ,!/thegarance/status/407198753225834496 The GOP has long had trouble with messaging, and a recent tribute to Rosa Parks was no exception. The GOP’s original tweet seemed to suggest that Parks alone had ended racism.!/GOP/status/407161769069924352 Of course, that tweet was immediately mocked by Michael Moore and others.!/dccc/status/407647741960269824!/RLM_3/status/407648681911803904!/robdelaney/status/407182389283016704!/TheGomez2/status/407660816888918016 The RNC issued a follow-up tweet […]


‘Full of oneself much?’ It’s @FLOTUS’ turn to make Rosa Parks anniversary all about Barry [photo]

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When @BarackObama’s too busy to insert himself into a great historical moment, @FLOTUS will gladly do it for him: Pssst! Hey, @FLOTUS! That’s not Rosa Parks. Tomayto, tomahto. Or something. We wish.


There’s A New Campaign To Feature A Woman On The $20 Bill

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“A woman’s place is on the money,” the nonprofit Women on $20s says. 1. A nonprofit is campaigning for Andrew Jackson to lose his spot on the $20 bill and be replaced with a less controversial female historical figure. View this image › Paul J. Richards / Getty Images 2. U.S. money highlights the achievements […]