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GOP’s Rosa Parks tribute inspires #RacismEndedWhen hashtag

, , ,!/thegarance/status/407198753225834496 The GOP has long had trouble with messaging, and a recent tribute to Rosa Parks was no exception. The GOP’s original tweet seemed to suggest that Parks alone had ended racism.!/GOP/status/407161769069924352 Of course, that tweet was immediately mocked by Michael Moore and others.!/dccc/status/407647741960269824!/RLM_3/status/407648681911803904!/robdelaney/status/407182389283016704!/TheGomez2/status/407660816888918016 The RNC issued a follow-up tweet […]


‘Did you abandon the GOP?’ RNC’s fundraising email blast is massive misfire

, , , ,!/sistertoldjah/status/493057988115320833 Fundraising emails are an essential part of politics, but the RNC’s latest email to followers is rubbing quite a few the wrong way. Perhaps it’s the opening accusation, “Did you abandon the Republican Party?”!/WillMcAvoyACN/status/492670504189177857!/KLSouth/status/493135593275404288!/WhittyPics/status/493093289633923072!/mjdaniels/status/493015750865846272!/kyleraccio/status/492872996655083521!/ClemsonMattG/status/492833351418400768!/BrianSchoeneman/status/492825436175736832 Dear @GOP, re your most recent fundraising email, subject line 'Have you abandoned […]


Hugh Hewitt On The Kinds Of Questions He’ll Ask At The Debate: No Evolution


And no questions meant to “divide on religious grounds.” The radio show host, who will be a part of CNN’s debate, says foreign policy should come first in an interview with radio host Aaron Klein. View this image › Alex Gallardo / AP Images Hugh Hewitt will not be asking questions about contraceptives at CNN’s […]