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During Certain Seasons, This River Transforms Into A Kaleidoscope Of Colors

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Combining prehistoric black rocks, vivid yellow sand, green moss, pure blue water, and seasonal red algae, this river — which is known for its kaleidoscope of colors — is as stunning as it is mysterious. Known as the “River of Five Colors,” the gorgeous attraction lures in hundreds of locals and tourists in Colombia each […]


Horses Have The Time Of Their Lives Playing In Water For The First Time

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You can lead a horse to water, but can you get it to play around in it? That’s the question this family wanted to answer when they took their two horses down to a local river. The beautiful horses were a little hesitant to start out, but they quickly learned they could splash around in […]


It May Look Like A Portal To A Mythical Realm, But It Serves A Practical Function

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Spillways are designed to control water in dams, but this one looks more surreal than practical. The Covao do Conchos Spillway was built in 1955, and it’s part of the Conchos Dam in Portugal. The 4,984-foot-long tunnel leading to the dam is a seriously impressive display of human engineering, but most people are more impressed […]