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The Same Astronomer Who Nixed Pluto Just Made An Insanely Cool Discovery

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So many of us were disappointed by the fact that good old Pluto was booted from our celestial lineup, but the same astronomer who determined that the dwarf planet wasn’t up to snuff may have just made up for the loss with an exciting new find. Caltech professor of planetary astronomy Mike Brown is at […]


This Is The Weird Reason Why Saving Your Kids’ Baby Teeth Could Be Useful One Day

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Stem cells from umbilical cords have proven to be very beneficial when it comes to treating a variety of diseases, but how about those taken from teeth? While we’re nowhere close to being able to use them in any therapies, some believe that saving your children’s baby teeth could help them in the future when […]


What This Study Reveals Doesn’t Bode Well For People Who Love Sappy Instagram Posts

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If you ever feel like confronting your general disdain for humanity, just hop on Instagram. While gratuitous selfies and filtered photos of lattes are annoying, they’re definitely not the worst offenders. Those, my friends, are pictures of swirling text that read like gag-inducing Hallmark cards. Although people who share those images (or worse yet, create […]