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Heroic Truck Driver Pulls A Woman And Her Granddaughter From A Flaming Wreckage.

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Truck driver David Fredericksen is being hailed a hero (and rightly so) after he saved the lives of a grandmother and her 1-year-old granddaughter after their car burst into flames during a crash on Interstate 10 outside Biloxi, Mississippi on August 11th (even though the date in the video says otherwise). The whole thing, from […]


Hungry Baby Fox Gets Its Head Stuck In A Rusty Can, But Gets A Helping Hand.

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This hungry fox cub was looking for food when he managed to get his head stuck in an old rusty can. It turned into quite the sticky situation for the little guy. Without any assistance, he would have starved or would have been easy prey for a bigger predator. Thankfully, the Wildlife Aid Foundation was […]