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College Students Heard Whimpering, But Had No Idea What Was Hiding On Campus

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Hope For Paws was recently called to a campus where students spotted a homeless Chihuahua hiding in a field. They thought she might have given birth to puppies and knew she needed help ASAP. Thankfully, Eldad Hagar quickly showed up on the scene, with help and a cheeseburger in hand. The small family was hiding […]


She Heard Her Baby Crying In The Middle Of A Raging Flood And Stopped At Nothing To Save Her

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Over the last few months, floods have been a deadly, though common, occurrence throughout India. Already killing at least 70 people, they’ve proven deadly to man, and if it weren’t for the courage of one mother dog, several puppies would have perished, too. When floodwaters rose in Chennai, one stray dog got separated from her […]