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Try These 31 Scary Pranks On Your Friends This Halloween. It’s A Tricky Treat.

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Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes a ton of amazing tricks and treats. When you’re a child, Halloween is all about the candy. As an adult, Halloween is all about the pranks. While you’re concocting the perfect Halloween pranks for your friends and/or strangers, allow us to provide you with some […]


A Man Playing Blackjack Online Pranked Everyone With His Hilarious Username

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If you’re like me and still enjoy silly jokes that would make the teenage version of you laugh, then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank. It’s based on one of the oldest pranks in the book: you call a bar or restaurant and ask to speak to your friend called “Hugh Jass” or […]


What This Missouri Homeowner Found On Her Front Porch Was Astonishing.

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Everyone should be aware of the fact that salamanders know how to throw a party. At least, that is what one Missouri homeowner found out when she opened her door to see a bunch of Ringed Salamanders hanging out on her front porch. thedodo It is believed that the amphibians were gathering a group to […]


Here Are 21 Hilariously Evil Ways To Drive A Person Crazy. #5 Would Do It For Me… OMG.

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We all have a little prankster living inside of us. But how far would you go to prank your friends, family or coworkers? Are you more the type to play a simple little joke at their expense or are you someone who would engage in a month long con that slowly drives them a bit insane? […]


The Ultimate Dad Guide To Trolling Your Kids

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This is how we troll. Congratulations! If you’re reading this post it means you’re a dad! View this image › Flickr: celestinechua / Via Creative Commons One of the most misunderstood but incredibly important duties of being a dad is “dad trolling.” View this image › Flickr: joeandsarah / Via Creative Commons In fact, studies […]