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‘Frat party’ POTUS offered weed, fist bumps gorilla [pics, video]

, ,!/patrick552/status/486725445455314944 Everything is fine. If it weren’t he’d tell you because this is the most transparent administration ever.!/passantino/status/486725155175927809 President Clown Show.!/A_H_Goldstein/status/486729378726817794 That is certainly true. He’s probably humming some Warren Zevon to himself.!/beekaytulsa/status/486725947270238208 Remember when the whole “frat boy” thing was used as a pejorative against President Bush? Good times.!/kakempen/status/486731910794977280 Yeah […]


Let him be clear: WH follows up on president’s ‘no strategy’ remark

, , ,!/lynnsweet/status/505099082281390082 President Obama’s sound bite of the day, “We don’t have a strategy yet” on dealing with ISIS, certainly caught the attention of the White House press corps as well as Twitter. So, supposing the president just chose his words poorly, what is the administration’s strategy to confront ISIS?!/JimAcostaCNN/status/505100862726098944 Ah, he was talking specifically […]


‘Well played!’ Ted Cruz slays with ‘affordable’ O-care snark-truth [pic]

, , ,!/amandacarpenter/status/418732345949446144 Indeed he is! Sen. Ted Cruz started off 2014 in style with this tweet:!/SenTedCruz/status/418730615077232641 The senator has used that picture to make a point before, but it never gets old. He has been retweeted almost 600 times and counting. Of course, some whiners are calling for a waaahmbulance:!/thegarance/status/418733105495564288 Seriously? Come on. Most […]


Darrell Issa to require Obama to present a strategic plan to defeat ISIS

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This POTUS has clearly stated he does not have a plan to deal with growing terrorist threat from #ISIL. — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) September 4, 2014 Nearly everyone, from everyday citizens to politicians to celebrities, has been calling on President Obama to present a plan on dealing with ISIS. Add House Oversight and Government Reform […]