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People Are Harassing Government MPs With Hilarious Apple iMessages

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MPs are linking their work emails to Apple devices. UPDATE: attorney general George Brandis de-links email from work account. Software engineer Justin Simon discovered that it was possible to send an iMessage to Australia’s attorney general George Brandis on Sunday. brandis has iMessage — wordsonaplatfrm (@justin s) Simon appeared to enter in Brandis’ publicly available […]


Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji

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Exclusive: World’s first political emoji interview. Australia’s foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, simply loves using emojis to make a point. In a BuzzFeed News exclusive, we sat down with her for the world’s first political emoji interview. View this image › Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP Images 1. We started off with a simple […]


‘Just can’t help himself, can he?’ Look at Obama ‘totally not politicizing’ Roseburg visit –

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Remember when last week, President Obama called the Umpqua Community College “something we should politicize”? And then a few days later, Josh Earnest told the White House press corps that the president’s visit to Roseburg to meet with the victims’ families wouldn’t be about politics? And then Earnest reassured us again today? Looks like Josh […]