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This Is Exactly Why You Don’t Hang Around Airports Taking Pictures

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When it comes to the concept of natural selection, if there’s one thing that will keep you from getting killed in this world, it’s common sense. Stopping to think for a moment before you do something is a vital part of surviving. Of course, those lacking common sense can still survive a dangerous situation, but […]


Avoid These 25 Dangerous Airports At All Costs. Your Life Depends On It.

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I love flying. Seeing the world from the clouds and traveling to foreign places is always a magical experience. But like any good meal, there’s always a bill to pay at the end. And for flying, it sometimes comes with a treacherous landing. While it’s only just a bit jarring when flying into a “normal” […]


What Happened To This Plane During Winter Storm Jonas Would Freak Anyone Out

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For those of us who are afraid of flying, takeoff and landing are the worst parts of the journey. That’s why people were freaking out when this plane flying into Dublin was forced to land…and then immediately take off again due to the howling winds of Winter Storm Jonas. If I were on this plane, […]


For Some Strange Reason, There’s An Airplane Inside Of This Hotel

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In every hotel, there are some mysteries that are…well…best left unsolved. But Redditor yasbo found something inside his hotel that defies all explanation — a room designed to look like the interior of an airplane, complete with first-class seats and compartments to store fake luggage! And you thought the sounds coming from the next room […]