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These Pigs Are Really Hamming It Up. D’aw! I Think I’m In Love.

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From Wilbur, to Babe, to Gordy (no one remembers Gordy, “the pig who hit it big”?), adorable pigs with big aspirations were weirdly a huge part of my childhood. Why don’t they make any pig movies anymore? We’ve been so focused on dogs and cats lately we forgot about the porksters. Kids everywhere are being denied a […]


So There’s An Island Where Happy Pigs Swim All Around. And It’s Every Bit As Awesome As It Sounds.

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If I had to get trapped on an uninhabited island, I’d wish for Big Major Cay island in the Bahamas. You see I wouldn’t technically be alone on the island, I’d be sharing it with the happiest pigs ever. Pigs that love nothing more than a good swim. Yes… swim. These swimming pigs have become […]


This Kitten And Piglet Are The Cutest Best Friends You’ll Ever See

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Meet Laura the piglet and Marina the kitten. These two rescue babies both got off to a rough start in life, but thanks to plenty of love, snuggles, and care, they are now the happiest little BFFs you’ll ever see. The friends are the youngest residents of Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary), which is […]