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Former ‘Rosie the Riveters’ visit White House

, , ,!/markknoller/status/450744485744349184 A group of former “Rosie the Riveters” visited the White House today “to urge that working women of World War II be remembered,” reports CBS News’ Mark Knoller. “This isn’t about personal glory,” said Phyllis Gould, 92. “I wanted this visit to bring attention to the fact that our generation […]


What was up with the ‘pretty Teletubby escorts’ at the Sochi athlete parade?

, , , ,!/Summer1117/status/431830308267098112 Yes, we can.!/StacyStClair/status/431829184013287425 But first, some pics of said “ironwork” from the Parade of Nations at the Sochi Winter Olympics:!/liam_tang/status/431830493265264640!/daxlucas/status/431830447471869952!/royalwhisper/status/431833799136014337!/karmicangel/status/431830147755290624 Meme-worthy, indeed. If only viewers could settle on just what they are.!/dory1028/status/431829620598398976 Fear not, the Twitterverse has you covered with comparisons galore.!/POPSUGAR/status/431837001143173120!/BurnoutIncome/status/431837654611550208!/go_for_topher/status/431829472053329920!/ColinCorneau/status/431829966179667970!/HonitaxBambina/status/431832896790601728!/oddrory/status/431835048674074625!/Meg_Hood/status/431830291095617537 […]


42 Perfect Photobomb Moments From Weddings. Say I Do… To Hilarity.

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Everyone has high expectations when it comes to their perfect wedding day. Even if they’re trying to keep things simple with the decor, guest number or outfits, they still want the day to be as special and wonderful as possible. …but they never account for the dreaded photobomb. These photobombers took their wedding invitation as […]


Don’t miss this gut-busting mockery of ridiculous feminist signs [pics]

, , ,!/hboulware/status/453752029584703488 Apologize for WHAT? After another long, grueling day slaving away under the nefarious phallocracy, Twitter femme-a-gogue-stirrer @hboulware decided to unwind by searching Google Images for “I need feminism.” And we’re ever so grateful.!/hboulware/status/453755387963924480 Oh, we’re feasting. Others couldn’t resist mocking these feminist train wrecks, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the sidesplitting freak […]


‘He’s a damn good shot’: Jack Osbourne spotted at #SHOTShow [pics, video]

, , ,!/jenn_lucas/status/423711767815282689 It’s not surprising when vocal Second Amendment supporters like Joe Mantegna put in an appearance at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, but we didn’t expect to see Ozzy Osbourne’s kid hanging out at the world’s largest gun trade show.!/JackOsbourne/status/422919498233290752!/JackOsbourne/status/423200115776421888 Jack Osbourne didn’t just show his face as part of a promotion. Apparently he’s a […]


This Photographer Traveled To 37 Countries To Prove That Female Beauty Is Everywhere

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The photo project “Atlas of Beauty” took photographer Mihaela Noroc to 37 countries, where she saw endless versions of beauty over 15 months. 1. Two years ago Romania-based photographer Mihaela Noroc decided she needed a change in her life. View this image › Mihaela Noroc / Via Havana, Cuba 2. “I had jobs that […]