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18 Strange And True Facts About Pregnancy That Will Totally Weird You Out.

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As any mom can tell you, the miracle of birth isn’t an easy journey. Morning sickness and labor pains aside, there’s a lot going on to bring those little lives to the world… And some of it is down right disturbing. For nine months (or longer!) women basically become superheroes for what they endure. Sure, […]


Dads Are Rallying For “Amazon Mom” To Change Its Name To “Amazon Family”

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The retail giant’s family-discount program is only known as Amazon Mom in the United States — it’s known as Amazon Family in other countries. #AmazonFamilyUS 1. Parent’s Twitter and Facebook feeds across the US have been lighting up with the following graphic this morning: View this image › Christ Routly / Via 2. The […]


These Comics Show The Hilarious Truths Of Being Pregnant And A New Mom

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Being pregnant is a beautiful journey to bring new life into the world. While you count down the days to meet your new little buddy, you expect your body to go through the necessary changes. But there are a few unexpected surprises that come along for the ride with your bundle of joy. Line Severinsen, […]