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WHOA: ACLU of Oregon BLASTS Portland mayor for asking Feds to cancel Trump Free Speech Rally

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Dude, when even the progressive, Leftist fanatics at the ACLU are telling you something is a bad idea? Just wow. Apparently they feel the same way about the Trump Free Speech Rally as most other sane, rational and thinking Americans do – check out this epic rant: 1. The government cannot revoke or deny a […]


Adorable Polar Bear Who Was Abandoned By Her Mom Gets To Experience Snow For The First Time

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Winter is here. In some parts of the United States, that means snow. While I tend to hide inside when white flakes start falling, this baby polar bear at the Oregon Zoo couldn’t be more excited! One-year-old Nora the polar bear was born in Ohio at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Sadly, she was abandoned […]


Eric Holder Endorses Death Penalty Moratorium As Some States Halt Executions Over Drugs

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The attorney general suggested a nationwide hold on executions pending a Supreme Court review of Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol. Alabama, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee have halted executions recently over drug issues, and activists called for Oregon’s outgoing governor to take action on the issue as well. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that a […]


These Before And After Photos Of Drug Users Are Absolutely Horrifying. And Gross.

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There shocking mug shots collected by the sheriff’s office in Multnomah County, Oregon, are part of a anti-drug campaign that shows the disturbing truth to what heavy drug use does to a person. The campaign’s aim is to use these before and after photos of drug users’ faces in the hope that they grab teenager’s […]