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BREAKING: Woman beheaded in Oklahoma

, , , , , , ,!/WFLA/status/515518370452881408 Time magazine reports: The assailant then tried to kill another woman after a workplace dispute A man in Moore, Oklahoma, decapitated a woman during a workplace dispute before trying to kill another woman, authorities said Friday. The incident took place at a Vaughn Foods Inc. distribution center in a town near Oklahoma City, The […]


Satanic mass at Harvard canceled; Catholic event standing room only

, , , , , ,!/Deusetmealux/status/466030161448935426 The satanic mass which was to be held tonight at Harvard University was canceled at the last minute as organizers couldn’t find a venue to host the event.!/mattdpearce/status/465998939959730177 WCBV reports: The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club tried to move the event to The Middle East Restaurant, but officials there declined to host the […]


Will the MSM go ‘full embargo’ on Oklahoma beheading details?

, , , ,!/jodeenicks/status/515543277844828160 You beclown yourself when beheading a woman gets less outrage than the Colorado baker who didn't want to make a cake for a same sex wedding. — ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) September 26, 2014 The horrific beheading that took place at a plant in Oklahoma is being discussed at length on social media, […]


Eric Holder Endorses Death Penalty Moratorium As Some States Halt Executions Over Drugs

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The attorney general suggested a nationwide hold on executions pending a Supreme Court review of Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol. Alabama, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee have halted executions recently over drug issues, and activists called for Oregon’s outgoing governor to take action on the issue as well. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that a […]


Police arrest another Oklahoma man who threatened to behead co-worker

, , , ,!/RustyRootbeer/status/516356739629723648 Washington Times writer Jessica Chasmar reports that police on Friday arrested a fired nursing home worker and Muslim convert for allegedly threatening to behead a co-worker — the same day that Alton Nolen was identified as the suspect in a workplace beheading that took place less than 20 miles away. Chasmar writes: Jacob Mugambi […]


‘#Facepalm’: Officials pretty sure what did NOT motivate Oklahoma beheader

, , , ,!/ar_christiansen/status/516641974204768256 A convert to Islam named Alton Nolen is charged with beheading a woman and stabbing another after being fired from a plant in Oklahoma. Officials are considering the horrible attack “workplace violence,” because apparently there’s not enough evidence to lean any other direction: CNN:"While his Facebook page included images of bin Laden and a […]