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He Disappeared On A Bar Crawl, And Even Security Cameras Didn’t See Him Leave

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“A guy walks into a bar.” It’s the start of so many jokes. Presumably, the guy eventually walks back out of the bar, but that’s where this case gets confusing. Security footage shows a young man entering the Ugly Tuna Saloona in Columbus, Ohio, one night, but not leaving. He hasn’t been seen since. Brian […]


Eric Holder Endorses Death Penalty Moratorium As Some States Halt Executions Over Drugs

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The attorney general suggested a nationwide hold on executions pending a Supreme Court review of Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol. Alabama, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee have halted executions recently over drug issues, and activists called for Oregon’s outgoing governor to take action on the issue as well. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that a […]


For A Surprising Reason, This School Refuses To Pay For School Buses.

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51,000 people, 0 buses. If that sounds like a typical person-to-bus ratio for a school district, then you must be from Lakewood, Ohio. The district has never in its history provided buses for its students (without special needs) and doesn’t seem like it ever will. With most students living within a mile from their classrooms, […]


The Brief Life And Baffling Death Of John Crawford III

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“How does somebody go into a Walmart and not come out alive?” View this image › Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed John Crawford Jr. would regularly make the 400-mile drive from his home in Jackson, Tennessee, to Fairfield, Ohio, to see his son, John Crawford III. Sometimes they would plan a week in advance to meet […]