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President Stompy Foot sneers at Ed Henry, Fox News from Philippines

, , , ,!/felipesalvosa/status/460693226383368193 What rattled President Obama? Well, this happened during a news conference in the Philippines:!/miguelparana/status/460692888054018048!/rockomajor/status/460696873989189632 Yep. As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Ed Henry asked President Obama about the Obama Doctrine. The president does not appear to know what that is. It’s too time-consuming to even try to explain it, you see. Or something. […]


Strategy? What strategy? Behold ‘the Obama Doctrine in one sentence’

, ,!/redsteeze/status/505088419836727296 Concerned about ISIS? Don’t worry — President Obama is on it. Except not really. Like, at all:!/StevenTDennis/status/505087784940736514!/lizbuddie/status/505087729018097664 Well that’s reassuring.!/vplus/status/505087972392579072!/NoahCRothman/status/505087854079651840!/mollymhunter/status/505089237176164352!/HotlineJosh/status/505093146594668544 Helluva leader we’ve got, huh?!/NumbersMuncher/status/505088230711373824!/thegoldfarb/status/505087686169100288!/sunnyright/status/505088008740429824 We are so screwed.!/VodkaPundit/status/505089348035813376!/VodkaPundit/status/505091967106023424 Yep, that sounds accurate.!/Doc_0/status/505091479296286720 They’re shaking in their boots. *** Update: Let him be […]


Blitzer/Friedman interview makes Daniel Drezner ‘want to gnaw my arm off’

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Oh dear God, Wolf Blitzer is gonna talk to Tom Friedman and I can't find the television remote. Might have to just break the TV. — Daniel Drezner (@dandrezner) August 11, 2014 As if it weren’t enough to read Thomas Friedman’s lengthy interview with President Obama in the New York Times this weekend, Friedman appeared […]