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Geraldo blasted for call to drop Benghazi and ‘stop torturing families’

, , , ,!/DRNashAuthor/status/433773550571249664 Geraldo Rivera thinks it’s time to drop the subject of Benghazi and move on, supposedly for the sake of the families of those who were murdered:!/GeraldoRivera/status/433772862210469888 There are families who want answers to many unanswered questions. The people who want to drop it and move on are in the Obama administration, along with […]


Eric Holder: I Don’t Worry Too Much About Terminology Debate On Islamic Extremism

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“I think that people need to actually think about that and think about really, are we having this conversation about words as opposed to what our actions ought to be?” View this image › Pool / Reuters WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder Tuesday dismissed conservative critics of the Obama administration who have accused the […]


HHS still not saying how many have paid for health insurance plans

, , , , , ,!/RBPundit/status/418108363226886145 Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services scheduled another conference call Tuesday afternoon to provide reporters an update on the progress of the website.!/philipaklein/status/418099705252298752 The big news, of course, was enrollment numbers. Drum roll, please. White House count of enrollment under Obamacare: -2.1M in […]


Katie Pavlich hammers Obama on missing Benghazi photo; Eureka! We’ve found a photo

, , , , , ,!/bapruger77/status/510429333622890497 As Twitchy reported, Ari Fleischer’s fascinating and intense account of behind-the-scenes on September 11, 2001 sparked the always awesome Sharyl Attkisson to wonder why White House photos taken on the night of the Benghazi attack are being withheld. President Optics is a fan of selfies, obviously. Why nothing from that night? Katie Pavlich nailed […]


Rick Perry hits Obama administration on border security

, , , , ,!/ZekeJMiller/status/498548176618418177 // During his remarks in Iowa today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry blasted the Obama administration for allowing citizens to remain in danger due to the lack of security on the southern border.!/ZekeJMiller/status/498552882929893376!/ZekeJMiller/status/498559120283549696 We’re sure border security will be a top priority for Obama while at Martha’s Vineyard.  


Breitbart’s John Sexton draws connection between border crisis and DACA

, , , , , , ,!/verumserum/status/497856823093760000 Breitbart’s John Sexton has found more evidence that the Obama administration acknowledges a connection between the flood of unaccompanied alien children at the U.S.-Mexico border and President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Sexton’s evidence comes in the form of an op-ed written in late June by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and published in Central […]


Is this proof that the Obama administration made up the ‘Khorasan Group’?

, , , , , ,!/jenanmoussa/status/517064799638007809 Over the weekend, Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review that not only does the now infamous “Khorasan Group” not exist, but that the Obama administration created it as a “rationale for an emergency air war there was supposedly no time to ask Congress to authorize”: Khorasan? Figment of #Obama's alternative reality. It's all al […]


List grows: Erick Erickson sums up what Obama administration ‘can’t find’

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@EWErickson And they can never, ever seem to find the truth. Not even a smidgen. — Suze (@suze109) October 9, 2014 Now that the White House is spinning like a top over the Secret Service hooker scandal, RedState editor in chief, talk radio host and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson has amended the list of […]


Notice something fishy about Obama’s vow to look into VA scandal?

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Barack Obama is right now trying to make sure that people forget that a fish rots from the head. — Moe Lane (@moelane) May 21, 2014 Rest assured, everyone. Not only is Barack Obama “mad as hell” about the horrific treatment of veterans at VAs, but during today’s presser, he said that the buck stops […]


Darrell Issa blasts Obama admin after discovering ‘HHS exec destroyed emails’

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News that HHS exec destroyed emails relevant to a congressional investigation means Obama Admin has lost/destroyed emails for >20 witnesses — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) August 7, 2014 Another day, another batch of “missing” emails, according to House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa. This time the problem is with the Department of Health & Human Services and […]