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9 Reasons Why Having Sex In Space Would Be Gross

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“Vaginal wetness could be an issue.” 1. Getting a boner in microgravity is hard. Hide Warning This image is graphic Click to reveal View this image › Discovery / Via Gravity helps our blood flow to the lower parts of our body, so in space, blood rises to your head and chest, Anderson University […]


This Dad Had A Crazy Idea To Build Something For His Son. Seemed Ridiculous But Turned Out PERFECT.

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Reddit user JeremiahGorman is the reason why other fathers have to explain to their sons why daddy hasn’t made a spaceship, a two storey tree-house or a backyard roller coaster for their birthdays. Just check out this awesome spaceship bed he created for his son’s 5th birthday. And the father of the year award goes to… “It […]