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A Whimsical Photographer Finds Magic in the Tiniest Places. So Beautiful.

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Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who goes by Slava, really likes mushrooms. After photography, which is his main passion and one inherited from his father, he counts mushrooms as some of his favorite things, and describes himself as an “avid mushroom hunter.” Naturally, he decided to combine hs two favorite things in the world and the results are incredible. […]


These Foods Will Totally Get You High, Bro. Like, For Real, Dude.

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You’d have to be stoned to believe that smoking a banana peel would get you high. Some other websites will fraudulently tell you that. However, the following foods aren’t a bunch of things we wished had the power to make us trip after misplacing our ‘shrooms on a camping trip. These are the real deal. […]