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Doctors Perform Innovative Surgery On A Precious Little Girl With No Jaw

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When seven-year-old Lexi was born, doctors diagnosed her with a rare condition that left her life hanging in the balance. One devastating side effect of the condition fused her upper and lower jaws together, which left her unable to breathe on her own. But when she was three years old, doctors presented her family with […]


This Poor Fish Managed To Survive For 6 Months With Only Half Its Body

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Fish are a lot more resilient than you might think. Of course, the resiliency of fish isn’t something most people think about anyway…at least not until they’re confronted by a fish that literally survived being cut in half for more than six months. Yes, I know that sounds insane, but it’s exactly what happened to […]


If You Don’t Think Prayer Works, This May Change Your Mind. They Should All Be Dead.


This might make you believe in miracles if you don’t already. Jestin Anthony Joseph entered a McDonalds, armed with a handgun, completely ready to hurt anyone he needed to in order to collect their money… and he intended to take it all. When they wouldn’t give it to him, he began to fire. That’s when […]